About Albert Palais

Built in 1934, The Albert Palais has passed through several hands of ownership and has hosted countless guests.

For many decades the venue operated as a dance hall. In the late forties and early sixties the Albert Palais was one amongst a few legendary dance halls. It operated in the halcyon days of Sydney where young and old jived to the sounds of jazz greats such as Dean Martin, Tommy Dorsey, Stan Kenton and Duke Ellington. As the jitterbug craze swept the world, the Albert Palais venue filled week in week out.

In the early days the Albert Palais was renowned for playing old time dance music. Catering twenty-piece bands playing live music, the venue thrived on entertaining, satisfying and providing exceptional service to all their guests.

During this time the Albert Palais was the place to go dancing. Dance halls were the era of where clubs did not exist and the socialising involved around dancing, roller skating and the picture theatres. It was also a great place for young people to meet and get to know each other. It was well-known as the "Marriage Bureau" as so many people met and then later married there.

In 1981 the Albert Palais transformed into a venue hosting 600 guests and included musical entertainment, public speaking, food and catering. After the building had been closed down for several months, the Albert Palais was given a new life when acquired by the Onoufriadis family in 1993.

During the last 25 years it has transformed into an events centre offering service and catering for many occasions including Weddings, Christenings, Formals, Debutante Balls and Dinners.